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                    Product Management
                    Training and Consulting
                    Using Our Proven Process

                    20+ Years Delighting
                    75,000+ Customers from
                    120 Countries
                    500+ Successful Consulting and
                    Private Training Engagements


                    Our Optimal Product Process was created by our team of consultants and trainers with over 150 years of combined Product Management and Product Marketing experience. It covers everything that a company or team needs to create products that delight customers and maximize revenues.
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                    Our Clients



                    • Advance your career
                    • Learn core skills
                    • Small class sizes
                    • Review course online
                    • Prep for certification exam
                    • Network with colleagues


                    • Study at your pace
                    • Learn core skills
                    • Earn worldwide certification
                    • Add new credentials
                    • Advance your career


                    • Customized courses
                    • Great for teams
                    • On location training
                    • Company-wide results
                    • Increase revenue
                    • Delight customers

                    "The 280 Group Product Management training was amazing and has already begun paying dividends for myself and our team."
                    Ralph LazaroVP Digital Products Group, Findaway
                    "280 Group made a huge impact on our Product Management and Product Marketing efforts we were very impressed by the quality, professionalism and timeliness of their work."
                    John ButlerSenior Vice President, Tadpole Computer, Inc.
                    "I wish all of our Product Managers would go through this training. It would have us all speaking the same language and understanding the same processes."
                    Paul NelsonProduct Manager, Johnson Controls
                    "280 Group delivers excellent business and technical skills I would highly recommend them for other consulting projects that involve strategic planning and/or Product Marketing and Product Management."
                    Sharon GrimshawVice President of Marketing, Adobe Systems


                    This best-selling Product Management book gives you the tools to vastly increase your skill level and become a great Product Manager.

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